About Us

Photomobile, the Travelling Photography Centre, is a unique mobile darkroom, digital suite, giant pinhole camera and camera obscura. It’s adaptable for complete beginners, or experts. It’s ideal for anyone with an interest in photography or digital imaging:

Photomobile is a not-for-profit organisation, so all money raised through running workshops is re-invested back into the company to maintain this unique resource.

To find out more about Photomobile and its features, explore the ‘About Photomobile’ menu to the right of this page.


A Little History
Probably the nearest thing to Photomobile’s birthday or perhaps we should say conception, as a result of the charity Aware Photographic Arts from Liverpool winding up, is the 3rd October 2006. On that evening the trustees voted to transfer ownership of the “Mobile Photogaphic Unit” to the Directors of Redeye, as a result of intervention from the Arts Council. From this Photomobile was born, a sister to Redeye, and it became a full-fledged Limited company in November 2007.

Credit is due to the various midwives involved in the birth – in particular the Aware trustees Roger Kirk-Smith and Phil Gorry, Will Carr from Arts Council England, Paul Herrmann from Redeye, Ben from The Phone Book Ltd and Chris Leyland for expert advice, and of course we pay tribute to Colin Thomas, founder of Aware, who had the Unit built.