Photomobile FAQ

Photomobile Darkroom
Who can book?
We welcome bookings from anyone, but particularly schools, local authorities, festivals and fairs, housing associations, charities, education and learning organisations, arts organisations… anyone with a group that might find photography interesting! Though we might be seen primarily as an educational organisation, we are also keen to work with companies that want to give their staff a unique staff development opportunity.

How much does it cost?
Please contact us for a quote. We have reduced rates for all not-for-profit organisations.

What geographical area does it cover?
Anywhere we can physically transport the Unit, but the nearer to Mobberley, Cheshire, UK, (where Photomobile lives) the less expensive we are, or the more parties/organisations can come together to form a block booking, the cheaper it will per-capita.

How far ahead do I need to book?
We would suggest at least two weeks ahead, the more time there is to plan a workshop, the better experience everyone will have – if you are running-up to a short deadline, still give us a call though, we’ll do our best to help and advice.

How long do sessions last?
As long or as short as you like. Many people book for somewhere between a day and a week. An enthusiastic group of people can be involved for a day or more, but we can easily do a series of one-hour sessions for instance.

What’s the age range for participants?
From 6 upwards. Some activities will be limited for young children.

How many people can be accommodated?
At any one time up to 12 adults or 14 children (under 12) inside the unit, and a larger number outside. At a recent demonstration day we ran five classes inside each area, to a total of 60 adults. A class of 28 children can be accommodated in four groups, two inside and two outside, then swapping.

Are there any special access requirements?
We have full wheelchair access and other facilities for those with limited mobility.

What access does the unit need to set up?
Road access and a fairly flat firm space, around 8 x 6 metres is about the smallest space it can operate in but that’s a squeeze.

Does it need electricity?
Power can be provided either from our own petrol generator, or from your 240V supply, as agreed. In either case the link uses armoured cable, and where necessary this can be sheathed in cable protector that will allow pedestrians and trolleys to pass over.

What about water and waste?
The unit is normally self-contained with regard to water and waste. We will inform you if water supply is needed. All waste is removed.

What staff are provided?
If you just want the unit for your own demonstrator / teacher, it comes with one driver / technician. For simple structured days we recommend two staff, and for those involving larger groups we recommend a further one or two assistants or additional staff. All are CRB checked and there is always at least one first aid trained staff member.